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Dreams Come True! ) The beginning of March gives us a small holiday!
Therefore, even more, joyful moments, love confessions and

wonderful occasions to be truly happy!
For a romantic date, tasty girls-only gathering,
a family dinner, choose the cozy boutique hotel Vozdvyzhensky!

On March 7: Masterclass & Kitchen Talks with Chef
Location: Art space Chambre (hotel's 1 floor)
Time: 3 p.m.
We will prepare together a wonderful dishes for special dinner with belowed one.
Nice atmosphere, music &cocktails offered by PinkGinbar!
For reservation call at: +380672429003 Viber| WhatsApp

On March 8: Blossom Diner
Location: Terrace Restaurant
Time: 6 p.m.
А magical mood and delicious spring impressions await guests in Terrace restaurant. Сhef Anton Timchenko invites you to taste the author’s dishes created for you with love!
Cocktails offered by PinkGinbar!
For reservation call at: +38067 242 90 03 Viber| WhatsApp

Be beautiful and let spring blossom in your soul!

We are waiting for you for the Chef menu in a very spring mood!
Detailed information and reserve of tables at:
+38067 242 90 03 Viber |WhatsApp
+38044 585 99 33

Vozdvyzhensky boutique hotel offers the best prices for the romantic escape!
A discount is allowed from March 6 to March 9. A buffet breakfast is included.
Choose the room you loved and book it at:
+38067 242 90 01 Viber |WhatsApp
+38044 365 99 55