It is a light split-level space decorated in loft design with round ceiling windows and exit to the garden slope of the hotel. The internal access stair elegantly fits in the interior and gives way to an attic balcony. The room is designed with concrete and metal, the high mirror effectively discloses space prospect. Art installations and large objects of design create particular accents in the interior. Chambre Art Space is located on the 1st floor of the Hotel next to the lobby and patio that allows to connect these two zones for organizing of informal events.

Area size: 44 m2
Roundtable discussion: 15-25 persons
Theater seating style: 20-35 persons

Cost of rent:

UAH 15 000 per 1 day

Advantages: natural lighting and exit to the garden slope of the hotel. Close location of lobby to the patio gives a possibility to use these zones for guests’ welcome and coffee-breaks.

Additional services: rent of audio and video equipment, including the equipment for simultaneous translation.