Area size: 36 m2
Seminar: 12/16 persons
Roundtable discussions: 12-15 persons
Theater seating style: 20-25 persons
Cocktail party: 30/60 persons
Banquet: 12 persons
Cost of rent: UAH 2 000* per hour
* Minimum rental – 5 hours.

VIP space for work and leisure, has a separate exit to the garden slope of the hotel and the outdoor terrace of our restaurant. Ideal for coffee breaks, negotiations and meetings, as well as small receptions and celebrations.


Area size: 44 m2
Roundtable discussion: 15-25 persons
Theater seating style: 20-35 persons
Cost of rent: UAH 15 000 per day

A light two-level space with a view to the hotel’s garden terraces. Located on the 1st floor of the hotel, right next to the lobby.