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Dear Guests!

 On February 24 - March 1
enjoy a special Pancakes week Menu
from our Chef at the Terrace Restaurant.

Pancakes week is coming!  Every evening during pancakes week  our Chef Anton Timchenko will prepare pancake just in front of you at the Terrace restaurant. Enjoy the savory presentation!

In addition to traditional pancakes at the Pancakes Menu you will find delicious cold and hot appetizers made with pancakes. We recommend to try a delicate cake with chicken parfait, foie gras, walnuts and cherry-truffle jam or a warm pancakes stuffed with duck rillettes with porcini mushrooms and raisins.

Also taste our sweet pancakes with ricotta and flower honey, pancakes with berries, gingerbread chips and toffee sauce, stewed pancakes with cognac, orange and mint.


For reservations, please call at:
+38 044 585 99 33
+38 067 242 90 03 Viber |WhatsApp